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US isolated at UN and world says no to blockade against Cuba

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US isolated at UN and world says no to blockade against CubaHAVANA, Cuba, Nov 8 (ACN) The United States was once again isolated at the UN General Assembly when today 187 nations voted in favor of a draft resolution on the need to end that country's blockade against Cuba.

The US position was supported by Israel and Brazil, while Colombia and Ukraine abstained.
It is the 29th occasion the world overwhelmingly supports the Cuban people and demands the immediate end of this policy, which was described by more than thirty speakers who explained their vote during the debate that preceded the vote, as genocide, economic terrorism and attacks on human rights.
Cuba's diplomatic and political victory occurs this Thursday despite the fact that for several weeks the U.S. State Department has carried out intense pressure actions, particularly against six Latin American countries, to force them to change their traditional vote in favor of the resolution, which calls for an end to the U.S. blockade.
According to the report presented this time by Cuba, this hostile policy has caused it material losses of more than 138.840 billion dollars and immeasurable human damages in almost six decades of application.

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