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April Thursday

US lacks authority to criticize human rights, Cuban FM said at UN

US lacks authority to criticize human rights, Cuban FM said at UNHAVANA, Cuba, Nov 8 (ACN) Bruno Rodriguez Parrilla, Cuban Minister of Foreign Affairs, denounced today the rough manipulation of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights by the United States, as a pretext to maintain and tighten its blockade against Cuba.
Before this room the US representative has lied, the United States is responsible for the damages this policy has caused to the Cuban people, said the diplomat when he addressed the UN General Assembly during the debate on a draft resolution calling for an end to the US economic, financial and commercial blockade against Cuba.
In this sense, Rodriguez Parrilla listed the most recent actions to tighten the blockade with the only purpose of choking Cuba and damaging the standard of living of Cuban families: restriction of travel to U.S. citizens and direct flights to the island, except Havana; the reduction of remittances and the cessation of cultural exchange, among others.
He also denounced the application of unconventional measures against Cuba and that the persecution of bank-financial relations with the rest of the world has increased.
With a slander campaign, they are directly attacking Cuban cooperation in health matters that reinforces the South-South relationship, Rodriguez Parrilla added.
Cuban diplomat highlighted the high doses of cynicism in the US ambassador's speech, who referred to her government's alleged support for the Cuban people.
Rodriguez Parrilla mentioned as examples cases of Cubans who have had to be treated with alternative treatments, since the best and newest medicines for their illnesses are produced by U.S. pharmaceutical companies, to which Cuba has no access.
He assured that despite the restrictions, Cuba has ensured equal opportunities for all its citizens.
The United States government does not have the slightest authority to criticize Cuba or anyone else in the matter of human rights; we reject the repeated manipulation of these for political aims and the double standards that characterize it, he remarked.
Cuban FM spoke of the impunity of the arms lobby in the United States and the chilling toll of deaths, even in multiple attacks with firearms.
Among the rights that the United States violates, he also mentioned that of due process, and in that sense he mentioned the prisoners in the illegal naval base of Guantanamo, deprived of any defense or any other right.
The United States is a country where rights are systematically violated and often in a massive and flagrant manner, is part of only 30 percent of the international human rights conventions and does not recognize the rights to life, peace, development, security, food or the rights of children, he warned.

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