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December Monday

World personalities demand end of the inhumane blockade and subversion against Cuba

 HAVANA, Cuba, Nov 10 (ACN) Dozens of personalities from around the world sent a letter today to the international community calling on the U.S. government to lift its economic, commercial and financial blockade of Cuba and stop the actions of internal destabilization in the Island.

Written at the initiative of Ignacio Ramonet, Atilio Borón, Fernando Buen Abad and Hernando Calvo Ospina, the letter denounces the effects of the US unilateral Cuba policy, opportunistically intensified in times of pandemic.

"Washington has arrogantly disregarded the annual condemnation of the United Nations General Assembly, which demands an end to this inhumane procedure," the signatories condemn. “The objective of these maneuvers is to asphyxiate the Cuban economy and cause suffering to its population so that it will revolt against the revolutionary government.”

The text stresses that for decades, the U.S. government has been investing millions of dollars in the creation of "opponents", irrelevant inside Cuba but exalted by the international press with the purpose of damaging the image of the revolution and thus, support the application of the criminal blockade.

These figures’ calls for civil disobedience, anarchy and chaos have the sole purpose of putting an end to the current political system and installing one that responds to the interests of the United States, the letter stresses.

“The U.S. government,” the text continues, “counts on the complicity of the great corporate press and relies on Florida-based individuals who promote street violence regardless of the laws in force in the country.”

The signatories also include former President of Ecuador Rafael Correa, Nobel Peace Prize winner Adolfo Pérez Esquivel, and former UN Special Rapporteur Jean Ziegler, who praise the scientific achievements of the Cuban Revolution, especially the fact it will be in a matter of weeks the first country in the world to use its own vaccines to have its entire population immunized against COVID-19.

The letter was also signed by deputies, politicians, jurists and representatives of organizations, solidarity movements and trade unions, as well as by artists, writers, journalists and professors from all over the world.

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