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Major Spanish club to start collaboration with Cuban Soccer Association

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Major Spanish club to start collaboration with Cuban Soccer AssociationHAVANA, Cuba, Oct 3 (acn) Executives of the Spanish club Atletico de Madrid met in Havana with officials of the Cuban Soccer Association (AFC by its Spanish acronym) with the aim of starting a collaboration that envisages sending of trainers and coaches and the opening of an academy in the Caribbean island.

The meeting, held at the AFC headquarters, was chaired by Miguel Angel Gil Marin, Atletico de Madrid CEO, and Luis Hernandez, AFC President, and was also attended by Juan Jose Buitrago, Ambassador of Spain to Cuba.
Both parties were satisfied with the fluid first meeting, lasting almost an hour, exchanging gifts and committing to work together.
"We want to see how we can help the development of soccer in Cuba. Our intention is to open an Atletico academy in Cuba, work with children for the best of them can continue to train in Madrid with us and why not, maybe some of them can become professional players, "Gil Marin stated.
The Atletico de Madrid has "human resources", he said and added that they can bring coaches to Cuba and make clinics to develop our working methodology with children, we just need the facilities."
On the other hand, Hernandez assessed as "very important" the approach of the centennial Spanish club, which has opened schools or academies in 33 countries, including Mexico and the Dominican Republic.
The AFC leader offered detailed information on the structure of Cuban soccer to the visitors, who were interested in topics such as the recruitment of players and the duration of the tournaments on the Caribbean island.
"We are open to any collaboration. The more people and institutions come to help and work together on the basis of respect, it is more beneficial for us, "said Hernandez and recalled previous contacts with Brazil, FIFA and clubs such as Inter Milan, Feyenoord and Real Madrid.
The meeting was also attended by Emilio Gutierrez, Atletico Madrid Academy Chief, and other officials of the Spanish club, as well as Antonio Garces, AFC vice president.
The Atletico Madrid delegation plans other activities during their six-day visit Cuba, including the opening of an Atletico Peña (supporters´ club), in a bar located at Havana´s busy street of Prado.


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