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Cuban musicians to attend Ciudad Cancion festival in Venezuela

Tamaño letra:

HAVANA, Cuba, Nov 11 (ACN) In the voices of singer-songwriters Yaima Orozco, from Santa Clara, a member of La Trovuntivitis, and Mauricio Figueiral, from Havana, the Cuban trova will be represented at the Ciudad Cancion festival, to be held November 12-20 in Caracas, Venezuela.

As Orozco told the Cuban News Agency, the festival is a space for exchange between groups from different latitudes and this 2019 had an advance in Havana, between October 17 and 28.
Orozco said it would be interesting to create a kind of reciprocity between the two sides, defenders of the so-called author's song, so that there would be a bond of mutual work.
With Figueiral, who joins her on the journey, she has shared, besides peñas and concerts, the process of making the videoclip of her song Gracia, nominated for the Lucas 2017 Awards in the sections of Best Video Trova, Best New Video Artist and Best Video in Visual Effects.
Ciudad Cancion is defined, according to its organizers, as an itinerant cultural site, established as a national and international platform of singer-songwriters and poets with the purpose of making the Bolivarian nation a point for the world-wide author's singing network.
At the same time, Ciudad Cancion designs new physical and digital spaces for the artists' diffusion inside and outside the South American country and serves as window of sustainable projects in different areas of creation: gastronomy, design, textiles, just to mention a few.

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