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Family Care System benefits more than 70 thousand people in Cuba

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Family Care System benefits more than 70 thousand people in CubaHAVANA, Cuba, Aug 21 (acn) The Family Care System (SAF by its Spanish acronym), which is governed by the Ministry of Internal Trade (MINCIN by its Spanish acronym), benefits more than 70 thousand people throughout Cuba.

This program began in 1998 to favor a small sector of society in a vulnerable situation, according to the information published today by Granma newspaper.
Sonia Mantrana, MINCIN national director of Gastronomy, said that to provide this service, there are 1.437 establishments distributed in all municipalities of the country.
Low-income people who attend these places for food can find there varied dishes and favorable conditions at low prices.
For this, the Ministry of Economy and Planning provides resources and food and each territory has a budget allocated for this type of program.
People access to SAF mainly through requests made by the community social worker, the delegate of the People´s Power office and even the same dining rooms.
There is priority for social cases, disabled, retired and old people living alone, pregnant women at risk and, in general, anyone who cannot independently access to food.

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