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Telecommunications Executives Says Blockade is Unacceptable

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Telecommunications Executives Says Blockade is UnacceptableVARADERO, Matanzas, Jun 13 (ACN) The Economic, financial and commercial blockade imposed by the United States against Cuba is unacceptable and we must condemn it, said the Communications Director of the Association of the Inter-American Telecommunications Company (ASIET) Pablo Garcia de Castro.

Garcia de Castro who is participating in the 6th Latin American Telecommunications Congress underway in Varadero told ACN that the aggressive policy is designed to make it difficult for the Cuban people to develop; there are geopolitical and geostrategic interests to that objective and this is something that we must fight, he said.

The executive regretted the setback of the Government of Donald Trump regarding the relations between Cuba and the United States, although he expects this process to be temporary.

He added that everyone must denounce the policy and fight to achieve progress in Latin America, where all can be interconnected.

We support efforts of the Cuban Telecommunications Company to develop Internet access and in this sense, the island has taken important steps towards improving the international connection allowing more velocity and quality of its service which is superior to recent years, said Garcia de Castro.

He pointed out that he has been able to see in Cuba talent, capacity and spectacular knowledge and it is painful to see that such human resources and professionalism cannot develop to its maximum due to the blockade.

We must help the development, facilitate access and support public initiatives promoted by ETECSA, which is going towards the right direction, and ASIET, he said, will support our Cuban partner as member of the organization for years.

The participants to the 6th Latin American Telecommunications Congress must denounce and criticize the criminal blockade with absolute clarity, because its application, reaffirmed Garcia de Castro, is unacceptable.


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