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Cuban Health Professionals Offer Their Services in 165 Countries

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Cuban Health Professionals Offer Their Services in 165 CountriesMANZANILLO, Granma, Jun 11 (ACN) Cuban Vice President and Health Minister, Roberto Morales Ojeda, said on Monday in the city of Manzanillo that there are over 400 thousand health professionals offering their services in about 165 countries.

During an exchange held as part of a visit to Granma province, which concluded on Sunday, the Health Minister said that the figures are not only important but the contribution of those that arrive to remote areas of the cities and help in improving the health of the peoples.

He pointed out that the country currently has health professionals in 65 nations and are committed in helping those that are in need.

He said that we "are proud of the quality of Cuban medicine, which is undeniable and recognized in the world."

Morales highlighted the humane ideas of Fidel Castro, main promoter of the Cuban internationalist missions that have taken health, education, sports and arts to other peoples in the world.

He said that among the examples of solidarity are the Cuban health professionals that fought Ebola, "when the sons of Fidel and Jose Marti put their lives in danger to save others in western Africa."

During his visit to Granma, Morales visited the Celia Sanchez Manduley Hospital in the coastal city of Manzanillo and Carlos Manuel de Cespedes hospital in Bayamo.

He also participated in the final plenary of the 5th National Encounter of Medical Students where he expressed his total confidence in those that are currently preparing in the classrooms.

Granma is guaranteeing, like the rest of the island the advances of the health installations and improving the quality of services to the population.

There are six hospitals a the provincial level and others in all the municipalities, maternal and senior homes, dentistry clinics, 791 family doctor and nurses offices and 28 policlinics, including 8 in the mountainous areas.


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