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October Monday

Diaz-Canel highlights consecration of Cuban health workers

HAVANA, Cuba, Oct 5 (ACN) Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel recognized the consecration of the health workers of the Caribbean island, whom he described as the pride of the nation.

Diaz-Canel highlighted in Twitter the humanistic training of Cuban professionals in that field and their willingness to go to other countries in need of their services.
Our consecrated health workers, pride of a nation formed in Marti's ideology that Homeland is Humanity, have earned the recognition of the peoples blessed by their health work, he tweeted.
Internationalism has been a principle that characterizes Cuban public health and has been present as an indisputable pillar of the prestige that Cuban medicine has before the world, which has been achieved with the direct work of internationalists in different countries.
Tens of thousands of Cuban professionals left since 1960 to offer aid to nations of all latitudes in situations of natural disasters, epidemics, or as part of intergovernmental agreements to serve people with limited resources.
The Henry Reeve Internationalist Medical Contingent has assisted 46 nations and five non-autonomous territories facing COVID-19 in the most remote places worlwide.
Data from the Ministry of Public Health report that to date, 2,523 Cuban collaborators, 1,435 of whom treat positive cases for COVID-19, assisted 615,165 patients, and saved 13,590 lives in nations that required their presence.

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