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January Sunday

Cuban Bats in Festival?

HAVANA, Cuba, Aug 1 (acn) Do not follow the story title. Festival has been the term used to announce an upcoming forum promoting the preservation and protection of Cuban bats and the idea that these animals, far from being linked to myths of winged vampires, are part of the wildlife and the environment that must be taken care of.

The event is being organized by the Cuban Bat Conservation Program in western Matanzas province in December and will focus on the joint work by the population and local institutions like the Antonio Nunez Jimenez Nature and Men Foundation and the Enviroment Center in the province to protect these animals.

Event coordinator Joel Monzon said that relations between man and bats have been affected by misunderstanding and lack of knowledge, while many people fear bats and do not dare touch take a close glance them.

Monzon said that in order to have people to actively participate in the protection of bats, it is necessary to spread the word about how much they influence natural balance.

Photo exhibit, debates and lectures will take place in protected Cuban areas are part of the event, which will allow to have an impact on the people in favor of the small mammals, who have always had a fearful role in most audiovisual creations.

The Cuban Bat Conservation Program, led by the Ecology Institute, is lined to the Latin American Bat Conservation Network (RELCOM) and it focuses on research, conservation and environmental education.

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