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June Saturday

Mexican cost system could be used in Cuba

Mexican cost system could be used in CubaHAVANA, Cuba, Apr 1 (ACN) Sandra Eva Lomelí, professor at the University of Guadalajara, discussed the possibility of applying in Cuba the design of a system of costs for small and medium enterprises, in the last session of the XVI Cuban congress of women economists and accountants.

Based on her experience in the furniture industry in the city of Ocotlán, located in the state of Jalisco, Mexico, Lomeli thinks it could be used in Cuba and mentioned the fact that this system is validated in 256 factories in that Mexican city.

Ocotlán is considered the furniture capital of Mexico, as it is one of the most important industries at the national level, and the application of the system is simple in any country, she explained.

The proposed methodology, said Lomeli, allows more easily determine the costs to achieve higher quality productions with raw materials from various invoices, the necessary workforce and conform better sales prices in the market.

Although she participated during the five years of studies in Camagüey, in several meetings of the National Association of Economists and Accountants (ANEC), it is the first time that she does so in this event, she said, while valuing it as an enriching space that promotes gender equality and the ability of women to contribute also to that field.

In Mexico similar meetings are held by the College of Accountants, but not exclusive to women as in this case, which considered as an example to follow, she said.

The final session of the event was attended by Miladys Tassé Cruzata, first vice-president of ANEC in Cuba, who recognized Camagüey as an important pole within the organization due to its high scientific and pedagogical potential.

She highlighted the contribution of the papers presented to the solution of the most urgent problems of the current economic and accounting context of the country, in correspondence with the topics to be discussed at the VIII Congress of ANEC, scheduled from 12 to 14 June.

The use of accounting as a management tool, the design of cost systems, and foreign investment, will be included among the main topics of the conclave, said Tassé Cruzata.
Around 15 topics will be addressed by delegates to Congress in eight commissions to put in the hands of decision makers the solution to the real problems of the current Cuban economy.

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