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Saudi credit used to repair Cuban city´s water system

Tamaño letra:

CAMAGUEY, Cuba, Mar 14 (acn) 40 million dollars and 46 million Cuban pesos, as part of a credit agreed between Cuba and Saudi Arabia, will be used for the rehabilitation of important works for the over-100 years old system of aqueduct and sewerage of this city.

The execution, which began in 2016 and is scheduled for completion in 2019, includes interventions in the canals of the Amistad Cubano-Bulgara dam, which supplies the city of Camagüey, expanding the water treatment plant and repairing and building new networks, Luis Palacios, director of the investing program, told ACN.
Today the city's water demand amounts to 1,800 liters per second, an unsatisfied request because the plant's current capacity allows for processing only 1,200 liters, said the executive, while speaking about the need to stage new equipment in the pumping station, actions that must be ready by the end of 2017.
Starting next year, it will begin the rehabilitation of more than 100 kilometers of the city's networks, which will be added to another 270 kilometers repaired in previous years as part of the province's investment programs.
Palacios pointed out that in 2018 and 2019 they will develop the sewer infrastructure, with the purpose of building aqueduct networks in the neighborhoods that do not have both services.
Financing will also be devoted to the importation of all the equipment required by these works, to guarantee the tools and machinery that facilitate and expedite the labor.
He also emphasized that more than 12 million dollars were allocated only for the purchase of raw materials abroad, to manufacture pipes and accessories in Cuban industries to ensure the continuity of construction actions.

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