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Beekeepers in Cuban province achieve large honey production

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Beekeepers in Cuban province achieve large honey productionCIEGO DE AVILA, Cuba, Feb 13 (acn) Ciego de Ávila´s beekeepers achieved their most productive campaign of the last six years by collecting in 2016 a total of 393 tonnes of honey, for an overfulfillment of 111 percent, despite the lack of flowerings due to drought.

The effort by state beekeepers and those from the cooperative-peasant sector contributed to the overfulfillment of the annual plan in 38 tons of the sweet and nutritious food, Robin Perez, director of this Base Business Unit, told ACN.

He described as vital the growth of the number of hives and their genetic improvement by the workers of the five reproductive centers of queen bees operating in several municipalities of the province.

The private producer Oneido Gómez last year obtained 120 kilograms of honey per hive, more than the double planned.

Gómez was the most outstanding beekeeper of the province by providing 75 tons of honey exported to European nations.

For some years the price of honey to the local producer has increased to more than 16 000 Cuban pesos a ton, according to the quality and its percentage of humidity, said beekeeping experts.

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