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Cuban distillery sets record in alcohol production

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Cuban distillery sets record in alcohol productionSANCTI SPIRITUS, Cuba, Feb 10 (acn) Sancti Spíritus´ Paraíso distillery produced 2.2 million liters of alcohol last January, highest figure in its history for a month, said José Perna García, head of production.

The annual plan for this year is set at 16.06 million liters, which if achieved would be the second largest of all time, because the first one was reached in 2012 when they produced 16.4 million.

More than 80 percent of the alcohol produced there is classified as rectified and is intended for export and consumption by the Ministry of Public Health; the rest includes the phlegm (to be used as domestic fuel), fine (for rums, liquors and cosmetics) and spirits (also for rum making).

Another important production in Paraíso unit is the one of rums, with highlight for Santero, which has been a distinctive brand since the 1990's, and its portfolio also includes, among others, the Natural Aguardiente, Silver Dry, Palma Superior and several aged rums.

They also produce sacharomyce yeast for animal food, which plan, like the one of rum, is satisfactorily met so far and this year amounts to more than 5 500 tons.

Since 1989, the entity has installed a plant that recovers carbonic gas obtained from alcoholic fermentation, so it is prevented from going into the atmosphere and can be used in food industry as preservative and to provide effervescence to carbonated beverages; it can also be used as an acid for dairy curdle in a quick and cheap way, or as liquid in refrigeration machines, among other uses.

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