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October Monday

Cuba Supports Cultural Rights and Anti-supremacy Projects

Havana, March 3 (ACN) Cuba defended the cultural rights and anti-supremacy projects during a virtual dialog with UN Special Rapporteur in the field of Cultural Rights as part of the 46th Session of the Human Rights Sessions, in Geneva.

The Cuban delegation to the forum stressed the need to save culture and the genuine values of arts and reiterated the island’s determination to keep defending anti-supremacy projects which are crucial to fight neoliberal colonization.

The island’s representatives stressed that the Cuban state prioritizes the people’s cultural rights, while the Constitution is the warrantor of the protection of natural, historic and cultural heritage of the nation, as well as the educational, scientific, technical and cultural development of the Cuban people, according to the webpage of the Cuban Foreign Ministry.

Culture, which is the shield and sword of the nation, is under attack and it’s the target of the most dirty campaigns and subversive operations, said Cuban representative in Geneva Juan Antonio Quintanilla on his Twitter account.

Addressing the Human Rights Council, Cuba also reiterated its rejection of multilateral mechanisms acting as accomplices of immoral campaigns because no civil, political or cultural right can be evoked to violate sanitary rules in force or national laws, much less under the orders and sponsorship of a foreign power.

Over the past few weeks, individuals contrary to the Cuban Revolution have unleashed a subversive media campaign particularly hostile against cultural symbols and institutions.

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