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October Tuesday

Ernesto Millán's White Sheets invade virtual space

HAVANA, Cuba, Feb 11 (ACN) Havana’s Provincial Visual Arts and Design Center (CPAP) opened Wednesday the virtual exhibition Sábanas Blancas (White Sheets), by artist Ernesto Millán.

It’s not the first time that Millán finds inspiration in ordinary white sheets hanging on city balconies to address urban spaces and, on this occasion, virtual Internet platforms, in search of the public's interaction with those familiar objects.

Just as in his intervention in Ríos Intermitentes, the exhibition project displayed on the 13th Havana Biennial, Millan's sheets are filled with photographs of the Cuban reality printed on fabric for mattresses and pillows. The project also includes a 27-minute art video titled Sábanas blancas, which compiles all the snapshots taken by and the stories of 25 families selected to interact with Millán's creations.

Turned into a reflection of everyday life, these pieces of bed linen that "adorn the cities without any reason to celebrate, any day of the week, because clotheslines know nothing about intimacies or secrets", have become a reason for the artist's work, who confessed in an interview for the radio that his work is a tribute to his mother "and to all mothers who washed their sheets by hand".

“My work recreates all that tradition of Cuban women who wash and hang their clothes in patios, hallways, balconies and even outside on a rope tied to the other side of the street,” Millán said then.

This article, essential in every home, is resized in the work of this artist, who turns it into art and vice versa in his attempt to get the spectator involved in circle of feedback where the limits between creator, work and public are blurred and they all end up being both protagonists and recipients of the artistic event.

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