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March Saturday

Singer Anneris Cánovas: Avoid making your voice a victim of the coronavirus

MATANZAS, Cubas, Jan 26 (ACN) Anneris Cánovas Castro, the founder of Anneris y sus Muchachos and former member of the band Anacaona, urged singers to take care of themselves against COVID-19 to protect their lives and preserve their vocal values.

Cánovas Castro, 89, told the Cuban News Agency that as a performer takes care of an instrument, so should they take care of their vocal cords; avoiding contagion with the new coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) is a priority for everyone, but artists would pay dearly for the after-effects, she said.

Anneris, who takes great care of herself because she knows the risks to senior citizens, advised to fully observe the preventive measures indicated by the experts and keep up with them.

Some people still believe that COVID-19 is not dangerous. We need to pay attention to any symptom and avoid touching our mouth, eyes or nose, as well as to respect the distance of more than one and a half meters, wash our hands frequently—especially after returning from public places—and always wear a face mask, which I even boil and iron before I put it in a plastic zip bag, she argued.

Cánovas Castro graduated in 1955 as a teacher of Economics, Arts and Domestic Sciences, but her love for music drove her to embrace art. Her extensive and arduous professional work is a reference for the new generations.

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