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January Thursday

Cuban TV will broadcast Cuba Viva show on New Year´s eve

HAVANA, Cuba, Dec 28 (ACN) The TV channel Cubavisión will bid farewell to the year 2020 in a regular way, with good music, energy and the commitment of a culture at the service of the people, reports the Cuban Television website

The Cuba Viva show will be directed on this occasion by the experienced Victor Torres. This space constitutes a reencounter with what is and will always be one of its main modes of realization: the conception of musical shows.

On this regard, the director comments on how this special end-of-year program has been designed: "It is a space of varied music, conceived with the aim of entertaining and satisfying the majority of the population's tastes".

From that point, the challenges that this production has had is to include an immense variety of music genres, both contemporary and from other times. This means that, during the four-hour transmission, the people will be able to enjoy a wide range of artists at home, he said.

In addition to the diversity of genres, the program covers a time on screen that could, at a given time, be seen on different occasions, since we know that it is a long night that begins at home and must end there due to the conditions of the COVID-19 this year. In that sense, we have thought of joining in a broadcast genres and artists that people have not seen for a long time. There are many live performances conceived, there are downloads, he said.

"The co-direction of this show was in charge of María Elena García. We have been working together for many years and she has also had the opportunity to work on other musical projects with RTV Comercial. Four outstanding radio and television presenters are in charge of this show: Froilán Arencibia, Indira Román, Frank Abel and Mailín Columbié", she said.

It has been a happy experience this production of Cubavisión channel together with RTV Comercial, he stressed, and affirmed that "It has been a great work and the artists who have participated are very happy in terms of image, sound, scenery and costume design.

The production team is charming, we are partners who have been working together for many years, it was only me who was not there, for work reasons, he said.

Thus, in less than a week, the production of a show that Cubans expect, need and applaud from home was assumed; a television delivery assumed in difficult times, but that responds with the joy and hope that a new year will bring reasons to applaud a Living Cuba.


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