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October Thursday

Cuba progresses in computerization despite difficult situation

HAVANA, Cuba, Feb 21 (ACN) Jorge Luis Perdomo Di-Lella, minister of communications, explained on Thursday on the TV program Mesa Redonda the progress of Cuba in the computerization field, and the challenges of the communications sector in the current scenario of pressures against the country.

The minister said that the society's computerization process is a policy that has the Cuban government as its main supporter - reflected in the country's governing documents - in order to contribute to the improvement of the quality of public services and to increase efficiency and productivity.
One of the foundations of the computerization program is the development of telecommunications infrastructure and services, on which he stated that mobile technology has continued to develop despite growing demand.
In the second half of 2019, he explained, the 4G/LTE network was implemented mainly in Havana and the provincial capitals; currently 3.4 million terminals are equipped with mobile data and the projection is to continue the expansion of the 4th generation network and WIFI.
Perdomo Di-Lella pointed out that progress has also been made in what is known as institutional connectivity, the one available at work and study centers and offered free of charge for the benefit of the population.
Thirty-five percent of the country's mobile network infrastructure was built by 2019, he added.
Regarding internet tariffs, the minister said that the population's criteria are known through continuous exchanges on social media, government visits and the complaints system, among other sources.
We have explained on several occasions that we will continue lowering the rates as we create more capacity for access”.
Concerning legality and cyber security, Perdomo Di-Lella explained that Cuba has made progress since the approval of a decree law and other legal norms that reflect what is set forth in Article 16 of the Constitution of the Republic.
The use of social media, he urged, should be established from a humanist and solidarity-based approach, which would counteract imperialist hegemony.
He added that only with a culture of critical use of technologies, the Cuban people will manage to adapt to the new digital environment and use them to defend social conquests.





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