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High Voter Turn Out Among Youth in the Cuban Electoral Process

Tamaño letra:

 High Voter Turn Out Among Youth in the Cuban Electoral ProcessHAVANA, Cuba, Mar 11 (ACN) The First Secretary of the National Committee of the Young Communist League, UJC, Susely Morfa Gonzalez, ratified on Sunday in Havana the active participation and support of the Cuban youth in the general elections.

Susely Morfa, said, during her vote at Electoral College number 4 in the Havana municipality of Cerro that over 38 thousand Cuban youth are voting for the first time, to democratically elect the deputies to the National Assembly and delegates to the Provincial Assembly of the People's Power.

She told the press that 80 young people make up the candidacy list of deputies to the National Assembly demonstrating their commitment in continuing the Revolutionary process.

The young candidates to deputies and delegates have excellent conditions, they have fresh and renovated ideas; we are part of the political, social and economic transformations of the country, she said.

She also highlighted the example and commitment of the Cuban youth that at this moment are carrying out internationalist missions in sister nations.

The youth leader also highlighted the participation of student organizations, which have been linked to the work of the electoral and candidate commissions.

Morfa Gonzalez praised the work of the schoolchildren who woke up early to protect the ballot box; expression of democratic and transparent exercise.

She said that the best way to be loyal to the legacy of the leader of the Revolution Fidel Castro is vote for the best candidate.

Over 8 thousand eligible voters are voting in the second stage of the 2017-2018 General Elections to select 605 deputies to the National and one thousand 265 delegates to the Province Assemblies.


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