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Camaguey For Efficiency and Control of the Rational use of Water

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Camaguey For Efficiency and Control of the Rational use of WaterCAMAGUEY, Cuba, Feb 12 (ACN) The needs of efficiency and control in achieving better service to the population and the rational use of water are the main objectives of the Water Resources System of the province of Camaguey for the current year.

During a summary of 2017 and the perspectives for 2018 in the territory, the Vice President of the National Water Resources Institute, Antonio Rodriguez insisted in the sustainability of the process of installing the water meters for the efficient use of the resources used in these actions.

He said that the cost of this investment ranges between 16 and 20 million pesos a year and looks for a rational use of the water.

The certification and timely maintenance of the equipment must go together with the quality of the drinking water service, said the directive. He pointed out as a priority the hygiene of the vital liquid with the objective of contributing to human and environmental health.

Rodriguez highlighted the importance of the work potential in the province, one of the five included in the priorities of the country's investment plan with 46 million pesos assigned to the work of the keys north of Camaguey and main city.

He also urged to join forces in complying with the execution of the work, which currently has a more favorable support of modern equipment, without forgetting the need of regular maintenance for its better use.

Representative of the Water Resources Institute in the province, Alina Leal praised the unity of the population to solve the aftermath of Hurricane Irma and highlighted how workers and specialists of the sector achieved advancing in the tasks with the integration of all.

The participants exchanged on the inefficient work in selecting and forming future directives and the need to attract the younger generation with perspectives of occupying responsibilities in the sector whose average age is over 50.

Concluding the event, special recognitions were granted to several entities for their work in 2017; Integrated Center of Water Technologies and the Maintenance and Repairs of Water Works and the Aqueduct and Sewer Systems Companies of the municipality of Vertientes.


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