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Journalists from Villa Clara Condemn Subversion against Cuba

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Journalists from Villa Clara Condemn Subversion against CubaSANTA CLARA, Cuba, Feb 9 (ACN) The fight against subversion, compliance with professional ethics and work with the youth in the mass media are some of the issues that were debated on Friday by the journalists in Villa Clara during the Provincial Assembly of the Journalists Association (UPEC).

The professionals of the sector expressed their commitment in encouraging ideological efforts in the digital platform and the social networks, main scenario chosen by the enemies of socialism and the Revolution to perpetrate its aggression.

The First Secretary of the Communist Party in Villa Clara, Julio Ramiro Lima Corzo praised the hours of work of the journalists in the province during Hurricane Irma as well as the recovery process, stages in which the people obtained non-stop information.

The people were able to learn a little more on the life of Abel Santamaria, who recently commemorated the 90th anniversary of his birth, thanks to the coverage offered by the territory's journalists, he said.

The mass media in Villa Clara also worked on the tribute to Ernesto Che Guevara on the 50th anniversary of his fall in combat and first anniversary of the physical disappearance of the leader of the Revolution, Fidel Castro, said Lima Corzo.

Dalia Reyes Perera, reporter from CMHW radio station, urged for professionals to continue upgrading their skills and stressed in the problem of the salaries of the sector.

Jose Antonio Fulgueiras, who was re-elected President of the Journalists Association in Villa Clara, informed on the last five years of work and among its main achievements is the inauguration of Radio Arimao, in the mountainous municipality of Manicaragua, voice of the inhabitants of the Plan Turquino in the province.


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