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Jose Ramon Balaguer Called on Cuban Campesinos to Promote Solidarity

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Jose Ramon Balaguer Called on Cuban Campesinos to Promote SolidarityHAVANA, Cuba, Feb 9 (ACN) The member of the Secretariat of the Central Committee of the Cuban Communist Party, Jose Ramon Balaguer called on Friday in Havana for the Cuban campesinos to promote solidarity and integration among the peoples of Latin America and the world to confront imperialist policies and right wing governments.

Balaguer, also Head of the International Relations Department of the Central Committee spoke during the annual meeting of the National Small Farmers Association (ANAP).

During the encounter, the political leader highlighted the work of ANAP in its condemnation of the US economic, political and commercial blockade against Cuba.

He expressed that working effectively and efficiently in the production of food for the population is a strategic mission for ANAP with its members, in addition to recognizing that the organization exercises an important role in the promotion and formation of men and women that are dedicated to agricultural work.

Balaguer, insisted in the need to upgrade the skills of the cooperative-campesino sector; in the political, economic and cultural spheres allowing them to be prepared to respond to any doubts or questions from a foreign delegation.

In the presence of Rafael Santiesteban, member of the Central Committee and President of ANAP; Rilma Roman, Head of the International Relations Department of the organization informed that due to the joint work with campesino and indigenous movements from the world, the number of foreign visitors have increased to 973, superior to the previous year.

She said that during exchanges the major interest of the visitors is knowledge on the transformations of the Cuban economic model, production and sale of food and experience of the Agro-ecological Movement of the Campesinos.

During the encounter, the President of ANAP and some base organization in the provinces and Special Municipality of the Isle of Youth highlighted the importance in consolidating its political and ideological preparation in addition to its partners, specialists and directives.

Among the objectives of the work of International Relations for 2018 is the promotion of the benefits of the policies of the Cuban Revolution in the countryside, and role of ANAP as representative of the interests of the producers and their families.


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