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Cuba will have botanical gardens in all provinces

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Cuba will have botanical gardens in all provincesCIENFUEGOS, Cuba, Nov 6 (acn) Cuba works so that in the near future all its provinces to have botanical gardens, with the aim of contributing to the conservation of the flora and allowing the visit of scientists and lovers of these leisure centers.

Currently, only 4 of the 16 Cuban provinces do not have this type of entities devoted to the preservation of trees and flowers species.
Nora Hernandez, head of Cuba´s Botanical Gardens National Network, told ACN that the association draws up strategies to found an orchard in Isla de la Juventud and another in Guantanamo, province that has a beautiful reserve of plants.

The specialist explained that they recently signed memorandums of understanding with major institutions such as those of Saint Louis and New York, both from United States; the Berlin-Dahlem, from Germany; and with others from the Caribbean.

The first mission is the conservation of plant families because climate change and hurricanes, such as the most recent Irma, are a threat to the orchards and have left latent prints, she said.

We must devise strategies to face such events because, according to the Red List of the Cuban vascular flora, 50 percent of its flora is threatened, Hernandez stated.

She added that they have received many seeds of tree species and have a herbarium allowing constant exchange of plants with other parks to guarantee knowledge of these genera for future generations.

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