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Granma Remembers the Beginning of the Struggle for Independence

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LA DEMAJAGUA, Granma, Oct 10 (acn) The beginning of the independence struggle by Carlos Manuel de Cespedes was remembered 149 years later on Tuesday in the Demajagua Museum Park but this time in a free nation, where the population of Granma province honored the beginning of the fight against colonialism.

A floral wreath was placed on the historic site on behalf of the people of the eastern province next to the ruins of the former sugar plantation where Cespedes freed his slaves and initiated Cuba's first independence war against Spanish colonialism.

Luis Antonio Guerra Vega student of the Blas Roca Calderio university expressed that the new generations of Cubans are loyal to the immortal example of the Father of the Homeland and will continue with the Revolution initiated on October 10th, 1868.

He added that the Cuban youth will work for a prosperous and sustainable socialism, guided by the ideals of Commander in Chief Fidel Castro Ruz.

Wilber Jerez Milanes, member of the Provincial Bureau of the Cuban Communist Party in Granma, recalled the events of the morning of the 10 th of October of 1868 when Carlos Manuel de Cespedes called his slaves citizens and invited them to join the fight for independence.

He highlighted the importance of cooperation in the recovery of the affected provinces of Hurricane Irma and the increase in food production, commitment assumed by the people of Granma and ratifying the important date.

Jerez Milanes reaffirmed that the Revolution and the courageous people of Cuba are invincible.

The freedom of the slaves by Carlos Manuel de Cespedes, first President of the Republic of Cuba in Arms was remembered through poems, songs and dances with the Okan Adde folkloric group which represented the events 149 years ago.

During the activity in the emblematic site over 100 Cuban youth received the Young Communist League and Communist Party membership.

On October 10th, 1868, Cespedes, Patriot from the city of Bayamo, proclaimed Cuba's independence at La Demajagua and began the war that did not achieve independence for the country nor the abolition of slavery, but set the bases in the creation of Cuban nationality.


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