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Russian nuclear energy official visits Cuba

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HAVANA, Cuba, Aug 11 (ACN) Ivan Dybov, President of ROSATOM America Latina (Russia's State Nuclear Energy Corporation), met with his Cuban counterparts at the Agency for Nuclear Energy and Advanced Technologies (AENTA) .

His visit was aimed at strengthening collaboration between the two institutions and identifying the potential of carrying out joint projects in the countries of the region and the Caribbean.

Speaking to AENTA's newsletter, Dybov said that his organization has been cooperating with Cuba for the development of nuclear technologies for two years.

He added that in the case of the Latin America they have several projects that have been successfully completed, and others in which there are possible areas of joint work.

On the prospects for scientific, technological and commercial collaboration between ROSATOM and AENTA, he pointed out that among them are irradiation techniques.

He mentioned that they already coordinate with Peru and Bolivia for the use of nuclear technologies in the processing of agricultural products, so that the implementation of these projects may benefit Cuba in the conservation of foods for consumption and export.

He described the Cuban role as active in the Bolivarian Alliance for the Peoples of our America, which is why he can contribute from his position in this group to support the cooperation with ROSATOM.


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