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Southern Cuba loses land to the Caribbean Sea due to climate change

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Southern Cuba loses land to the Caribbean Sea due to climate changeHAVANA, Cuba, Aug 9 (ACN) The coasts of the South-Central Cuban province of Sancti Spiritus are losing some 1.3 meters every year as a result of climate change, according to local environment authorities.

As a consequence the progressive sea penetration is increasing salinization, soil erosion and leads to the disappearance of mangrove areas mostly in the municipalities known as Sierpe and Sancti Spiritus, which border the Caribbean Sea.
Science, Technology and Environment official in the province, Leonel Diaz, told reporters that the climate change impact comes with a high sea level affecting beaches of tourist interest and agricultural production.
Local mitigation efforts include the cultivation of rice varieties that have proven more resistant to salinity and what is known as hydric stress, as well as the opening of canals that take fresh water up to the coast to fight the saline penetration.
Cuba is implementing a far-reaching climate change program which considers actions to minimize the vulnerability of 15 local areas, including the zones in Sancti Spiritus province under the impact of climate change.

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