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Raul Castro Assures that New Forms of Management in Cuba will Continue

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Havana, Cuba Jul 14 (ACN) Cuban President Raul Castro said on Friday in Havana that the country will continue developing the self-employment sector and experiment with the non-agricultural and animal cooperatives.

During the closing of the plenary session of the Cuban Parliament in its8th Legislature, Raul told the deputies of the National Assembly that stigmas or prejudice will not be allowed towards the non-state sector. He also stressed that it is indispensable to respect laws, consolidate what has been developed, and fight against any illegalities in the new forms of management.

The Cuban President speaking from Havana's Convention Center, urged to disseminate positive aspects of the self-employed, which already groups over half a million people while non-agricultural and animal cooperatives amount to over 400 confirming the validity of the force of employment. They have allowed the implementation and diversification of goods and services with acceptable quality levels.

Army General Raul Castro stressed before the plenary of the National Assembly of the People's Power that all citizens must combat disorderliness as an honest way of working the non-state sector.

Raul condemned the sector's illicit use of raw materials and equipment, not paying the taxes they are stipulated to pay and insufficient state control in all levels.

The depth and rhythm of the changes in the country's economic management model must be conditioned by the capacity of working correctly and rectify in any abnormality, said Raul, who demanded an adequate preparation, training and control of the established regulations.

He recalled that in the last meeting of the Council of Ministers a group of measures were approved and would be implemented to correct negative tendencies and illegalities in self-employment.

During the Cuban Presidents speech, he demanded guiding the transformation process of the economic model, "aspect which has not lacked a good dose of superficiality and an excess of enthusiasm, and desires of advancing quicker than what we are really capable of advancing".

Regarding the behavior of the economy in the first semester of the year, he pointed out a discrete outcome, which he qualified as encouraging. The 1.1 percent growth in the Gross Domestic Product is an example of the change in the economy compared to the previous year and characterized as positive the results of agriculture, tourism, transportation, communication and the advance in investment in prioritized sectors.

However, the Cuban Head of State recognized the existence of financial tensions in the period as well as fuel availability.

Among the most tangible results were the free education and health services and the improvement of the domestic monetary balance expressed in the prices of the products in the retailer store chain.

The Army General pointed out the country has achieved preserving the rigorous agreements of the financial commitments with its main accreditors. He said though, that Cuba still has not been able to keep updated with the running payment to its providers and ratified confidence and commitment that the country will honor the past due accounts.

This situation forces us to continue adopting the necessary measures to protect export earnings, guarantee food for the population and services, with the rational and efficient use of the available resources, he said.

During another part of his speech, Raul Castro referred to the change of policy of the US government towards Cuba announced by President Donald Trump last June 16th which "means a setback in bilateral relations".

He recalled that the US administration had decided to reinforce the blockade through the imposition of new obstacles for its business sector to trade or invest in Cuba. The additional restrictions for its citizens to travel to the island justifying these new measures "with an old and hostile rhetoric, typical of the cold war".

He stressed that Trump does not realize the support of a broad sector of US society and the majority of Cuban emigrates in the country that are in favor of lifting the economic, commercial and financial blockade against Cuba and normalize ties with the island while the US President is only satisfying a reduced group in Florida.

Raul reiterated the Cuban government's denunciation of the measures that reinforces the unilateral blockade and reaffirmed that any strategy destined to destroy the Revolution through coercive and other measures will fail.

We reject the manipulation of the issue of human rights on Cuba. We are proud of our achievements and "Cuba does not receive lessons from the US, or anyone else".

The President of the Council of State and Ministers reaffirmed that the island's will continue dialog and cooperation in addition to negotiations on pending bilateral issues with the United States on the bases of equality and respect to Cuba's sovereignty and independence.

Cuba and the United States can cooperate and live side by side respecting each other's differences and promote what is beneficial to both peoples, said Raul. He pointed out that Cuba will not give in to concessions regarding its sovereignty and independence, nor negotiate its principles.

Regarding the international scenario due to the growing threat to peace, the Cuban president denounced the violent acts against Venezuela by imperialist forces and oligarchic sectors.

Raul reiterated that Cuba will accompany the Venezuelan people and its legitimate President Nicolas Maduro Moros and called for an end to foreign aggression and intervention in the affairs of the South American nation.

He also expressed solidarity with former Brazilian Presidents Dilma Rouseff and Luis Inazio (Lula) Da Silva. Da Silva "victim of political persecution and coup maneuvers", by those that attempt to stop him from running as President in that country.

Referring to the upcoming general elections in Cuba, Raul said that it should be an act of revolutionary reaffirmation of the people and it will be an example of true democracy, sustained in the popular participation, legality and transparent process.

He announced that there are barely 12 days from celebrating the 64 th anniversary of the attacks against the Moncada and Carlos Manuel de Cespedes Military Garrisons, whose main activity will be held in the province of Pinar del Rio.

This will be the first National Rebelliousness Day celebrated without the physical presence of Commander in Chief Fidel Castro. We must continue facing the new challenges under the guidance of his example, revolutionary intransigence and permanent faith in victory, he concluded.

During this last session of the Cuban Parliament a report on "Tarea Vida", an issue which Raul characterized as a significant strategy for the present and future of the country, given Cuba's condition of an island and also the approval of the Land Water Law.


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