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Saving Coastal Areas in Cienfuegos is a Life Priority

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Saving Coastal Areas in Cienfuegos is a Life PriorityCienfuegos, Cuba, Jun 16 (ACN) The Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment (CITMA) informed that the coasts and city of Cienfuegos are the most affected by climate change.

During a meeting headed by Lidia Esther Brunet Nodarse, First Secretary of the Cuban Communist Party in the territory, government officials and other participants reviewed the risks and vulnerabilities of the environment for the island and specifically Cienfuegos.

The CITMA Minister, Elba Rosa Perez Montoya, recommended not leaving the actions to protect the environment to the future generations, but called on fighting to repair the damages now.

She added that the work must correspond in the most vulnerable sites, and get support from the scientific and technological knowledge in addition to the commitment of the Cuban State.

The Minister added it is important to work on time with a joint plan with the Civil Defense and Health, Finance, Physical Planning and other institutions.

She urged to also review the height of the wall overlooking the Bay in Cienfuegos, the location of the industrial zone, in addition to the coastal areas all against marine contamination, sea flooding and the loss of the coastal line.

It is important to work out a detailed study in every centimeter and meter of beach, coast, and mangrove area or any other coastal vegetation, streets, amount of homes and buildings with possibilities of being lost, said the Minister.

Cienfuegos has different constructions close to the coasts like tourism installations, among these hotels Rancho Luna and Faro Luna, recreational entities, homes and industries that dump its residual waters and contamination of the Bay of Jagua.

The report presented during the meeting indicates that the climate in the archipelago is hotter because the average temperatures increased 0.9 degrees Celsius since the middle of 2016.

The document refers that since 2001 the hurricane activity has intensified with 9 intense hurricanes hitting the island in addition to cold fronts and other extreme meteorological events which has caused coastal flooding due to the elevation of the sea and waves.


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