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Cuba and El Salvador Sign Health Cooperation Agreement

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Havana, Cuba, May 10 (acn) The governments of Cuba and El Salvador signed on Wednesday in San Salvador an agreement for specialists from the Pedro Kouri Tropical Medicine Institute (IPK) to share a Master's degree program in Epidemiology with 35 professionals from that Central American nation.

According to Prensa Latina News Agency, the Cuban specialists will teach the Salvadoran specialists in the areas of clinical, environmental health, services and research for two years with financing from the Spanish Cooperation for Development Agency.

The Salvadoran Health Minister, Violeta Menjivar characterized this new cooperation as important because it will contribute in improving the quality of life of the population despite the boycott of the opposition social policies.

She highlighted the improvement of El Salvador's health indicators like the maternal-infant mortality rate, but admitted the need in reaching out to society from an epidemiological point of view aimed at eradicating the risk factors of plagues and tropical illnesses.

Menjivar said that "our country stood out in the continent as one of the first to achieve a rapid control of transmittable diseases in 2016; dengue, Chikungunya and Zika.

However, social problems like urbanization, migration, violence, aging of the population, accidents and style of living imposes new challenges in health care whose solution must pass by epidemiology, said the Salvadoran leader.

She recognized that there is not enough epidemiologists in the country and the health reform demonstrated the need for more professionals in the field.

Menjivar added that in order to achieve the goal they need the help of renowned specialists from other countries.


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