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Study shows Cubans not too aware of severity of drought

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Study shows Cubans not too aware of severity of droughtHAVANA, Cuba, mar 17 (ACN) While Cuba is hit by one of the worst droughts in recent years; Cubans don't fully comprehend the severity of it and its consequences, a study revealed.

A research carried out by the Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment on the dangers and vulnerability related to the drought in Cuban westernmost province of Pinar del Rio, showed that 3 in 4 people that took the survey know about the lack of rains, but don't know how to deal with it.

Only 14.6 percent of the sample assured they understood the gravity of the situation and of the looming dangers for the community. Another 10.6 percent claimed not to be ready to face the consequences of the phenomenon

The study advised local authorities to get support on those who answered the survey in a positive way to help prepare their neighbors to fight drought in their living areas.

Today, Pinar del Rio´s reservoirs only store 63 percent of their water capacity, but the situation can get worse considering that in January and February, rains were less than expected, and in March they have had just 12 percent of historical precipitations.

Other Cuban provinces, like Ciego de Avila, Las Tunas and Santiago de Cuba are in even worse conditions in terms of stored water and the local governments are implementing measures to save as much water as possible.


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