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The Essence of the Revolution Will Last Forever

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The Essence of the Revolution Will Last ForeverBayamo, Cuba, Mar 15 (acn) The President of the Federation of University Students (FEU) Jennifer Bello Martinez highlighted on Wednesday in the city of Bayamo that the essence of the Revolution will last forever for the good of the Cuban youth and people in general.

In an exchange with students of several municipalities in Granma, she said that the members of the FEU and the new generations in general are carying out important work in favor of the present and future of the country and that is why the youth must study and contribute to the social and economic development of the nation.

She expressed in the need to increase analysis and debates in the universities on specific issues and continue proposing ideas to understand each process, contribute to solutions and continue advancing.

The student leader presented a promotional campaign for the 95th anniversary of the FEU, to be celebrated in the country on December 20 th with the participation of the over 120 thousand members of the organization, she said.

Bello mentioned that among the main objectives of the initiative will be to work in a positive way on the values of the youth and strengthen patriotism, anti-imperialist ideas, humanism, responsibility, solidarity and dedication.

She highlighted that the main issue of the campaign, presented for the first time last month in several provinces, is the life and work of the leader of the Revolution Fidel Castro who was an active student leader in the university and will always be a good example for the present and future generation of Cubans.

According to the student leader, they will work in rescuing the plaques and monuments related with the history of the Federation of University Students and leaders like Julio Antonio Mella and Jose Antonio Echeverria. The members of the student organization will also take advantage of the new technologies to collect audiovisuals and other proposals that will allow virtual visits to sites of great value like the home of Echeverria, today a museum.
Jennifer Bello Martinez also exchanged with students of the Dr. Efrain Benitez Pompa Medical School in Bayamo.

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