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Argentina and Cuba to strengthen trade links

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Argentina and Cuba to strengthen trade linksHavana, Sep 18 (ACN) The Business Round between Argentina and Cuba, opened today at the Castelar Hotel in Buenos Aires, will strengthen trade relations between the two nations and identify new investment areas.

The meeting, hosted by the Argentinian SME Chamber, the Cuban Chamber of Commerce and the Embassy of Havana in Buenos Aires, is attended by a large delegation of 17 Cuban companies, Prensa Latina reported.
The participants in the Business Round are committed to strengthening the important flow of trade relations in both countries, which currently exceeds 250 million dollars and has the prospect of increasing.
Juan Amato, Executive Director of the Argentinean SME Chamber, stated this is the third time they have held this commercial meeting and for some time we have gone to Cuba twice a year.
The Cuban ambassador in Argentina, Orestes Perez, when opening the meeting, stressed how the meeting has progressed since the first edition, attended by around nine companies from Cuba and now 17 from various sectors.
For her part, Aniurka Ortiz, commercial advisor of the Cuban Embassy in Argentina, noted that despite the tightening of the economic, financial and commercial blockade the US has been imposing on her country for the past six decades, which has been tightened in recent months, there is an Argentinean entrepreneurs who support us.

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