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Fabrica de Arte: Exhibition Commemorating 100th Anniversary of Nelson Mandela

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HAVANA, Cuba, Jul 18 (ACN) The Fabrica de Arte Cubano (FAC) cultural project directed by musician and composer X Alfonso, recently inaugurated an exhibition in honor to the 100th anniversary of the birth of the historic leader of South Africa Nelson Mandela.
The graphic selection, by the Mandela Poster Project Group arrived to Cuba with exceptional posters exhibiting the lifelong contribution of “Madiba” to humanity, said Ruth Klotzel, Brazilian curator and artist.
The specialist that has taken the exhibition to different parts of Europe and Brazil said that several South African designers came up with the idea in 2013 to pay tribute to Mandela and launched a 60-day invitation that got the participation of 70 countries with 700 posters.
Through the exhibition, which will remain at FAC until July 29th , the visitors will be able to see the importance of the political leader and his close ties with Commander in Chief Fidel Castro.
Words like freedom, hope, legend or democracy accompany the selection that, in many cases alludes to symbols like doves and the prison bars to transmit key ideas associated with the action of Mandela in favor of peace and against apartheid.
Klotzel, in love with Cuba and its culture, pointed out that the selection has a representation of local poster makers Felix Beltran and Pepe Menendez and thanked designer Nelson Ponce for his cooperation in taking the samples to FAC.
Nelson Mandela, leader of the peace and freedom movement in South Africa fought against apartheid, ended racial domination and promoted the peaceful life among all.
Today, 100 years after his birth, Mandela is remembered for not giving in to his convictions.  He received the 1993 Nobel Peace Prize for his work against apartheid and creating the democratic bases of a new South Africa.


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