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Amid surge of flights, Cuba will train more air traffic controllers

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Amid surge of flights, Cuba will train more air traffic controllersHAVANA, Cuba, Aug 5 (ACN) The Cuban Air Navigation Company (ECNA) made a call to young people between 20 and 35 years old, both men and women, to enroll in the Air Traffic Controller course organized by that entity.

As explained in Havana by Leyani Gutiérrez, specialist in the department of Human Resources of ECNA, the major needs of this specialty are centered in the provinces of Havana, Camagüey, Santiago de Cuba and Holguin, as well as Nueva Gerona, Varadero and Cayo Coco, for which they prefer to have candidates residing in those places.

Applicants must be pre-university graduates or equivalent level, have completed a fourth level of English and demonstrate their skills before a panel in oral, written and audition exams.

In the case of men graduated as a mid-level or higher technician, they must have completed the social service and finished the Active Military Service.

Gutierrez said that the course will have 25 capacities that will be covered with those who have passed the exams and corresponding interviews; those who are not chosen in this course scheduled to begin on September 4 will remain as back-up for the coming call.

The course lasts one year and is followed by a period of three to six months of practice, and in that time students will receive a stipend of 740 CUP.

Ricardo Martínez González, Director of Operations of ECNA, said that the work of the air traffic controller is dynamic and different every day, and it brings great satisfaction to those who carry it out because they are public servants who contribute to the safety of the flights they carry hundreds of people daily.

José Antonio Marrero Fernández, director of the Business Unit of Base Air Traffic Control Center, said that this is one of the most exciting professions because it allows guaranteeing the safety of aircraft that land, take off and fly over the national space, aided by a network of radars in the country.
The specific function of the controller, he pointed out, is to avoid collisions between aircraft, ensuring the direct, expedited and safe flow of flights.
Convocan a curso de controlador de tránsito aéreo

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