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Journalists from Sancti Spiritus Ratify Commitment with the Homeland

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Journalists from Sancti Spiritus Ratify Commitment with the HomelandSancti Spiritus, Cuba, Mar 14 (acn) Journalists from the province of Sancti Spiritus ratified on Tuesday in the central city to continue serving their country with a more precise, objective and truthful information.

Members of the sector assisted an activity celebrating Day of Cuban Press, which was initiated on March 14th, 1992, the day in which the daily Patria founded by the island's National Hero Jose Marti was first published.

The Provincial Bureau of the Cuban Communist Party transmitted a recognition to the journalists of the central province for their work last year with important coverage of events like the national activity for the July 26th celebration, the commemoration of Fidel Castro's 90th birthday and the passing away of the leader of the Revolution last November 25th.

Several works were awarded, including over 50 pieces that competed in the annual Jose Camellon in Memoriam contest recalling the veteran reporter who was symbol of good journalism during his life.

Humberto Concepcion, President of the Cuban Journalists Association (UPEC) in the territory said during the closing ceremony that the professionals of the press are proud that Jose Marti and Fidel Castro, two of the most important politicians and thinkers of Cuba were great journalists.

Jose Ramon Monteagudo, Member of the Central Committee of Cuba's Communist Party in the province, granted the diplomas for work of a lifetime and for the best piece in 2016 to a group of journalists.

Mary Luz Borrego Diaz, who received the provincial award for the Tomas Alvarez de Los Rios work of a life-time prize, said on behalf of those awarded that they are grateful and believe that all those that have worked over 25 years in the profession should also receive the recognition.

Borrego Diaz pointed out the spontaneous examples of congratulatory messages and love and thanked Jose Marti and Fidel Castro because they are the inspiration for the good work of journalists.


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