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New Edition of Jose Marti's Versos Libres at Havana Book Fair

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HAVANA, Cuba, Feb 16 (acn) A new edition of the book of poems called Versos Libres by Cuban National Hero Jose Marti was translated into English by Canadian Keith Ellis and presented on Tuesday at the Canada Hall of the San Carlos de la Cabana Fortress during the Havana International Book Fair.

Ellis expressed pride in the work carried out by the Jose Marti Publishing House achieving a visually beautiful book and explained how difficult it was to do the translation. His objective was to be loyal to the original poems and thanked those present for the opportunity of allowing the English readers to enjoy the work of Cuba's National Hero.

He pointed out the difficulty of translating the book due to the length and vocabulary, for whom each word was an art and added that he needed to consult several Cuban specialists like Luis Toledo Sande, researcher of the work of the country's independence leader.

Rogelio Riveron, Director of the Letras Cubanas Publishing House highlighted that the work of Marti and Versos Libres constitutes the most intense part of the National Hero's literature.

He stressed that this work is probably the personal poetic side that most resembles Marti's legacy, marked by issues like citizen ethics, patriotism and what makes up the good side of humanity.

Riveron also pointed out that the Versos Libres radiates knowledge with an impressive intensity and added that the current edition is admirable for its rigorous and beauty of its design.

Luis Toledo Sande, said that Ellis' translation into English constitutes a feat and emphasized –as important events for Cuban culture- his support for the recovery of books on Jose Maria Heredia and Nicolas Guillen.

He highlighted Keith Ellis' solidarity with the Cuban people and has contributed with literary pieces of incalculable value.


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