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November Sunday

Museum of the Underground Struggle celebrates its 45th anniversary

SANTIAGO DE CUBA, Cuba, Nov 24 (ACN) The Museum of the Underground Struggle in this city, will celebrate today its 45th anniversary with a cultural activity and the recognition of specialists with decades of work in the institution, established on November 30, 1976.

Wind and guitar music bands will provide the entertainment in this museum devoted to the local clandestine combatants led by Frank País García, whose portrait—made by the famous Mexican painter David Alfaro Siqueiros in 1960—is now on display in one of its rooms.

Frank País visited Mexico twice, first to meet Fidel and then to finalize the preparations for the uprising in Santiago de Cuba on November 30, 1956.

The jewels of the museum’s November exhibition are Otto Parellada's lineman gloves, whereas Pepito Tey's jacket will come in December. Both young men fell in combat, together with Tony Alomá, during the said action, which intended to support the landing of the Granma yacht.

Every November 30 at dawn, schoolchildren, students, combatants of the Revolution and a representation of the people come to the museum building—a police station before 1959—to pay tribute to their heroic deed.

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