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September Thursday

US Actions against Cuba Reveal Failed Subversive Agenda

Havana, Sept 14 (ACN) Cuba’s permanent representative at international agencies in Geneva, Juan Antonio Quintanilla condemned the US economic, commercial and financial blockade of Cuba and the social-media-based political operations against the island, which he described as part of a failed subversive US agenda.

Such subversive policy failed in July as it has previously failed as well during the past 60 years, thanks to the strong unity of the Cuban people along its revolutionary government, Quintanilla said, as cited by the website of the Cuban Foreign Ministry.

During a general debate on the “Update by the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights,” at the 48 Session of the Human Rights Council, the Cuban representative strongly rejected a comment about Cuba by the European Union.

In his address of the session, the Cuban diplomat said that the European Union might as well take better care of the serious human rights violations that take place daily in the countries of that region; violations which have worsened under the pandemic and have not been addressed at all by the session.

Ambassador Quintanilla added that the topics on the session’s agenda should not be used to promote politically motivated positions against South countries, and he reiterated Cuba’s condemnation of threats and use of force, the imposition of coercive measures and the promotion of fourth-generation wars, which include destabilization actions, cyberwar and the promotion and use of mercenaries and terrorists as components of the aggressions unleashed against some countries.

Such human rights violations run contrary to the UN Charter and International Law, said Quintanilla and went on to reiterate his country’s support of Venezuela, Nicaragua and Sri Lanka against the interference-oriented agenda targeting those countries.

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