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Cuban Judokas Wins Men's World Cup in Chile

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Havana, Cuba, Nov 26 (acn) Cuba men's judo team won the World Cup in Chile, by getting three gold medals and one bronze , Cuba was followed by Brazil (1-1-0) and the host country (1-0-4).

Justo Noda, Cuban head coach, told ACN news agency from the venue, Peru (1-0-2) and Japan ( 1-0-1), were 4th and 5th in that order.

Cuban champions were Asley Gonzalez, at 90 kilograms, Gilberto Solar (66) and Osmay Cruz (81), while the bronze medal was for Magdiel Estrada (73).

Gonzalez, Solar and Cruz accumulated three wins each, while beating last Saturday in the final combats Brazilians Eduardo Bettoni, Charles Chibana and Felpes Moray by Ippon, Yuko and Yuko-in extra-time, respectively.

Meanwhile , Estrada finished with the bronze medal due to two wins and one loss, in all cases against Chilean judokas and by ippon.

Noda said that overall his disciples won 11 of 12 bouts, nine of these by Ippon and two by Yuko, in an event that was attended by competitors from nine countries.

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