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Cuban Baseball Team Denounces Harassment in Puerto Rico

Tamaño letra:

HAVANA, Cuba, Feb 5 (acn) The Cuban baseball team participating at the 57th Caribbean Series in Puerto Rico condemned the harassment against them by groups organized from the United States and other countries which intend to encourage the defection of Cuban athletes.

A statement by the team, cited by Cubadebate website and read in San Juan by catcher Frank Camilo Morejón, reads that once again the perverse hand of the Empire tries to prevent Cuban sports from meeting its goal in Puerto Rico, that of returning home all after achieving the victory with the biggest effort.

The team also repudiated manipulations and harassment by groups organized from the U.S. and other countries, which encourage defection and desertion of our best athletes formed by the Revolution.

The statement also stresses that the members of the team will continue to do their biggest efforts in the baseball field and out of it and notes that with those who remain they will faithfully meet the principle of giving it all and return home after doing their duty.

The team made its statement after the desertion in Puerto Rico of baseball players Dainer Moreira and Vladimir Gutierrez.

Meanwhile, the vice-president of the Cuban Sports Institute, Jorge Polo, denounced the presence of a group of persons who are encouraging the defection of the Cuban athletes, right at the hotel where the team is staying.

After describing the two defectors as traitors, Polo said that their decision was that of betraying the Revolution, their families and their homeland. He also conveyed the team the trust of the Cuban people and he recalled that despite the defection of 19 delegation members of the Cuban delegation at the recent Veracruz Central American and Caribbean Games, the island´s representatives managed to conquer the first place and keep Cuba´s supremacy in that championship, which was first obtained in 1970, in Panama.

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