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March Wednesday

Eusebio Leal to Speak on national Hero at International Conference

HAVANA, Cuba , Jan 14 (acn) Havana City Historian Eusebio Leal will make an intervention on Martí, his view of time and the world in which he lived, and the big news which represented the creation of a party to lead the war, during the Third International Conference for World Equilibrium.

The Historian of Havana and Professor Emeritus said to ACN, that the meeting, to run from January 28 to 30, will be on the relationship between geography and development from the perspective of Martí´s thinking, and the gaze of the Apostle on Cuba in the nineteenth century.

It shall also, he added, dwell on the meaning it had the foundation of the first political organization, the Cuban Revolutionary Party, to organize the armed struggle, what we would call today a war of national liberation.

Leal shall also talked about the significance it had the foundation for the first time of a political organization, the Cuban Revolutionary Party, to rule the armed struggle, what we would call today, he said, a war of national liberation .

He will also state the reasons that led to the emergence of this important organization, from the conclusions José Martí arrived at on the failure of the Ten Years' War, which began in 1868, and his analysis of the causes and factors that led to it, Leal said.

Leal will also try the early death of the Apostle, a fact that deprived Cubans of his leadership, because as someone once said, "chance plays a role in history, but you have always to leave a space to random to get back on track later. "

Martí, through his long vision, could anticipate that fact and realized that, in that terrible dilemma of life, "his thought would still be useful and even if he were more or less muffled for some time, he would reborn later with greater force ."

The 3rd International Conference for World Equilibrium will be held in the Palace of Conventions in Havana.
This event, a universal tribute to Cuba's national hero by the 160th anniversary of his birth, will be attended by more than 600 delegates from over 40 countries, among which are important Cuban and foreign personalities.

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