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January Sunday

Cuba to build another irradiation plant

HAVANA, Cuba, Jan 12 (ACN) The scientific-technological support to an irradiation plant to be built in the country, constitutes one of the main goals of the Agency of Nuclear Energy and Advanced Technologies (AENTA) for this year.

The initiative was announced by Gladys Lopez Bejerano, president of AENTA, institution which belongs to Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment, in a recent meeting to assess the results of the institution's activities in 2020.

She announced that in this purpose they will have the collaboration of Russia, which contributed in the recharge of the Irradiation Plant, of the Food Industry Research Institute (IIIA by its Spanish acronym), located in La Lisa municipality in Havana, implying an improvement of food security in the country.

Especially for its disinfection, germination inhibition, useful life extension, plague control and phytosanitary and quarantine aspects, among others, according to specialists in the field.

The main industrial applications of its phases are the sterilization and decontamination of biomedical, cosmetic and pharmaceutical products, as well as packaging materials in the food industry.

Other of its purposes are related to export and production plans and to increase the export level, the development of new medical equipment and contracted projects.

Constructive maintenance and investment are also among its objectives this year. These include commitments to collaboration with Russia, Vietnam and other countries, as well as the search for new sources of financing.


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