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November Sunday

European Lawmaker: Let’s Speak Loud and Clear against US Blockade of Cuba

Havana, Sept 17 (ACN) European lawmaker Pernando Barrena said that the best contribution that the European Parliament and its representatives can make in addressing the Cuba situation is speaking loud and clear against the US blockade and urge Washington to lift it.

In a video shared by the Cuban Parliament’s YouTube account, Barrena said the US blockade is immoral and runs contrary to international law. He added that the right and ultra-right wing circles in the European Parliament are repeatedly attempting to impose an agenda about Cuba in the legislative body, which is foreign to European interests as it tries to forcibly plant the idea that Europe is linked to the most reactionary forces and countries who back the commercial embargo against the island.

The Spanish politician, who advocates Basque independence-oriented ideology, said that leftist movements are not afraid of speaking about Cuba as many times as necessary and he added that that they will not miss the opportunity to make their opinion be heard that the blockade is already enough.

The Spanish MEP denounced the US blockade and called it a cruel and inhumane policy which is an expression of war against the sovereignty of the Cuban people, who most choose their own destiny by themselves and not the United States or the European Union.
“We are sure that most Europeans neither understand nor support the economic blockade against Cuba,” Barrena noted.

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