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September Thursday

Solidarity in times of COVID -19

MATANZAS, Cuba, Aug 26 (ACN) Matanzas: siempre me curas (Matanzas, you always heal me), an initiative of the Cuban civil society, is a community action to promote solidarity in times of COVID-19, Elaine Saralegui Caraballo, pastor of the Metropolitan Community Church, told ACN.

“Many people from different places contribute to promote this idea, conceived in the worst moments of the fourth outbreak of the pandemic in this city, so it stands as a symbol of the humanist essence of the Cuban people, who share their medicines, toiletries and foodstuffs, especially with the elderly,” she said.

A WhatsApp group created by the Metropolitan Community Church in Cuba and named after a verse by the local poet Carilda Oliver Labra, was soon joined by people in and outside Cuba who were willing to help.

“We chose [Carilda’s] verses because we were in a very critical, desperate moment, and we had to say or, rather, do something collectively, based on our common language and diversity, and that language is the poetry that conveys your feelings, so who better than Matanzas’s sweetheart, who wrote, Matanzas, you always heal me after love makes me sick. That’s how what started at local level grew beyond our borders and brought together a big family,” Saralegui Caraballo emphasized.

“The initiative uses resources of popular education and teaches people to not look at the vulnerable as lesser individuals but as someone very close to us,” Ariel Martínez, one of the participants, remarked.

The Martin Luther King Memorial Center and the Student Christian Movement of Cuba are among those in solidarity with the initiative that in the city of rivers and bridges expresses the fraternal essence and the sense of brotherhood that distinguishes the Cuban people.

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