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Sensitive solutions to the requests of the population of Las Tunas

Tamaño letra:

HAVANA, Cuba, Oct 13 (acn) The reparation and maintenance of urban and rural roads, family doctors office and schools constitutes a sensible solution to complaints of the population in the province of Las Tunas during neighborhood meetings with their representatives in the current 9 th period of their term.

Reports during the 12th Ordinary Session of the Provincial Assembly of the People´s Power held in the city of Las Tunas indicate that by the end of September one thousand 472 kilometers roads and 376 urban routes in addition to 127 family doctors' offices, 102 and 130 grocery stores were repaired.

The report highlights that the population´s concerns coincides with the development of a project called ¨PorNosotrosMismos¨, in which the main political and governmental authorities of the territory meets with the community each week to learn about their concerns in order to look for a solution to the problems.

According to reports, by the end of September 88.3 percent of the problems brought up by the neighbors in the community were solved and others are still pending.

Omar Perez Lopez, Agricultural representative in the province recognized that despite what has been solved so far, they were able to advance in the repairs of the neighboring roads above all in places where the production bases makes use of the resources.

It's true, he said, that there is financing guidelines or technical infrastructure for the work but better organization and awareness so the situation in the rural areas can improve.

Another issue that was debated in the session was related with the current school year currently marching well according to the opinions of the delegates.

He highlighted that Las Tunas has professionals that are needed in the classrooms, with a total of 9 thousand 989 professors and teachers and 289 that work part time however,there are concerns with the excess of enrollment in several secondary centers which go against discipline, school organization and the learning process.

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