The Cacao Route project joins the countless tourist attractions of Baracoa, the national main area of this crop, Ciudad Paisaje, Villa Primogénita de Cuba, which will celebrate its 510th anniversary on August 15, 2010.

    In Baracoa, this route begins in a path located in the Duaba Peanut Grove, an area-laboratory where it is possible to appreciate the different transformations to which the acorn is submitted: from the planting of the seed in nurseries, sowing, harvesting, industrial benefit, and subsequent storage, until the moment it begins to spread through the commercial network.

   In cocoa production, the same basic agro-productive structure applied in its original plantations by more than a hundred French families settled in the area between 1781 and 1804, coinciding with the revolutionary events in neighboring Haiti, predominates.

   It delights and amazes at the same time to contemplate the extraction of the pulp, manual action where tools associated to the Taino culture intervene and require, for its handling, of a skill that by means of generational transmission, has lasted as in the centennial method of fermentation and drying in drawers.

   Experience has shown that the success of the proliferation of the culture in Baracoa is due to the optimal climate, which ranges between 23 and 28 degrees Celsius. (Pablo Soroa, ACN)

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