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Cuban Five Case Present at Nebraska Forum

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Cuban Five Case Present at Nebraska ForumHAVANA, Cuba, Oct 13 (acn) A recent forum held in Lincoln, Nebraska, in which over 100 participants addressed Washington´s wars on Iraq and Syria and environmental issues, had the case of the Cuban anti-terrorist fighters held in US jails at the center of discussions of the Nebraskans For Peace event.

An article on The Militant website, entitled The Fight to Free the Cuban Five Won New Support at Neb. Conference, reads that a series of paintings by Antonio Guerrero, three of the Five, who are still imprisoned in US jails, was up in the main meeting hall.

During a break, Nebraskans For Peace president Mark Vasina introduced Jacquie Henderson, who has helped organize exhibits of the paintings in the US, the article explains. Henderson recalled Gerardo Hernández, Fernando González and René González, three of the Five, were among some 425,000 Cuban volunteers who between 1975 and 1991 took part in an internationalist mission to help newly independent Angola repel repeated invasions by the white supremacist South African regime.

The activist pointed out that "this gives us some insight into what has shaped the exemplary character of the Five and the internationalist, selfless character of revolutionary Cuba, which has sent hundreds of medical volunteers to combat Ebola in Africa today."

In addition to 15 watercolors painted to mark 15 years of incarceration, the exhibit included one new painting, "The Verdict of the Jury," from a collection of 16 works by Guerrero on the trial of the Five. It shows prisoners' hands applauding for the Five through bars as they return to prison following their conviction. "The painting gives us a glimpse of the esteem the Five have won among fellow inmates," said Henderson.

Dozens of people came by to look at the paintings and read the descriptions. Eleven picked up books on the case, including The Cuban Five: Who They Are, Why They Were Framed, Why They Should be Free; Voices from Prison: The Cuban Five; and I Will Die the Way I've Lived, a collection of Guerrero's prison paintings with descriptions and comments by him and others, reads the article on the Militant website.

Gerardo Hernandez, Antonio Guerrero and Ramon Labañino, along with Rene Gonzalez and Fernando Gonzalez, were given unfair sentences in the U.S., after they monitored Florida-based violent organizations that planned terrorist actions against Cuba.

Rene Gonzalez and Fernando Gonzalez returned to Cuba after fully serving their prison sentences, but their three compatriots are still held in US prisons despite huge international claim for their release.

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